Can't get a hold of me? Email me instead. If I don't answer your email within a couple days, please try to phone me, as emails are sometimes blocked by anti-virus software and I don't get them. I always answer ALL email! I don't always answer the phone, as with engines on the dyno and CNC machines working away it is hard to hear the phone. But you CAN leave a message. Thank you in advance for understanding that I can't be available to everyone on the phone all the time. Many times it is after 8:00 p.m. before I can return calls, so email might work better if phone tag becomes a issue.

I have motorcycles running in my blood. All my uncles had them (on both sides of the family) and so did my father. I started with a Montgomery and Wards 5 hp mini bike when I was about 8 years old. My parents let me buy it because it did not run and they figured that it was a safe bet that I would not get it running. I had it running that night and then they said that I couldn't ride it because it was getting dark and it had no light. I proceeded to hook a light up on it that I robbed off the tractor. I found a way to make it work and still have that passion today. I find a way to make things work that others are betting will not.

This is a picture of me at the El Morro Fort in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Dan Thayer

I would like to thank everyone at Custom Dream Cycles for treating me right and having me come to Puerto Rico to train them on Twin Tec fuel injection systems.